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    Before using the industrial endoscope, we should pay attention to the performance parameters of the product, the use environment, the detection condition, the detected target and other specific conditions in advance, in order to achieve better detection effect. There are several main factors that affect the detection effect of industrial endoscope
    1. Lighting conditions (light source)
    Endoscope detection mostly uses the light source of endoscope for illumination. Under general conditions, the color temperature of the light source for endoscope detection should not be lower than 5600k, and the illumination intensity should not be lower than 2600lm. Industrial endoscopes generally have two lighting modes: front and back. The front lighting is realized by integrating several LED lamp beads into the front end of the probe, which has the advantages of low cost, short service life and easy damage. The rear lighting transmits the LED light source built in the host to the front for lighting through the light guide fiber. This lighting method greatly improves the brightness of lighting, and has a long life. At present, most of the mainstream electronic video endoscopes use rear light guide.
    2. Probe position and angle
    通常在距離檢測區域5~25mm范圍內觀察圖像的效果非常好 ,因此往往需要內窺鏡探頭盡量靠近觀測點。探頭與觀察物平面在45゜~90゜范圍內都可以達到較好的觀察效果,在實際工作中是通過反復改變探頭與觀察點的位置與角度找到合適的觀察位置,并獲得不錯的檢測效果。
    Generally, it is very good to observe the image within the range of 5 ~ 25 mm from the detection area, so the endoscopic probe is often required to be as close to the observation point as possible. The probe and observation plane can achieve good observation effect in the range of 45 ゜ ~ 90 ゜. In practical work, we can find the appropriate observation position by repeatedly changing the position and angle of the probe and observation point, and obtain good detection effect.
    3. Detection channel
    The probe can detect through narrow and curved channel. When selecting the channel, we should first understand the situation of the channel. When detecting, we should try to be close to the position to be detected. We should choose the channel with short length to reduce the number and degree of bending of the probe; First, we consider the channel from top to bottom and from high to low; Wide channel is preferred; It is recommended to use auxiliary tools (such as centering device) to ensure the correct direction of the probe in the product channel; We should use the method of observing and passing through the channel.
    4. Image distortion
    The image distortion of endoscope is the deformation phenomenon of observing the object through the lens. With the increase of the distance from the center of the lens to the edge, the image shape will change. The distortion of image will affect the judgment and measurement of defects. The distortion of the image is large when observed by the straight rod mirror and the optical fiber mirror, and the video endoscope can be corrected by the computer.
    5. Image resolution
    圖像分辨率指圖像中存儲的信息量,是每英寸圖像內有多少個像素點,分辨率的單位為PPI(Pixels Per Inch),通常叫做像素每英寸。圖像分辨率一般被用于ps中,用來改變圖像的清晰度。圖像分辨率越高圖像越清晰。圖像分辨率是內窺鏡自身重要技術指標,可直接影響到探測的結果。
    Image resolution refers to the amount of information stored in the image, which is the number of pixels per inch of the image. The unit of resolution is PPI (pixels per inch), which is usually called pixel per inch. Image resolution is generally used in PS to change the definition of the image. The higher the image resolution, the clearer the image. Image resolution is an important technical index of endoscope, which can directly affect the detection results.
    6. Image magnification
    Image magnification is divided into optical zoom and digital zoom. The former enlarges the image without changing the definition by changing the focal length, while the latter enlarges the image by using software, which is equivalent to judging the color around the existing pixels by software processing, and inserting the pixels added by a special algorithm according to the surrounding color. In this case, the higher the magnification, the more blurred the image.
    7. Small defects can be detected
    Small defects that can be detected are closely related to image clarity, measurement accuracy and other indicators.
    8. Reflectivity of object surface
    Different surfaces have different reflectivity, which is related to the material and surface roughness. In the actual detection, it is difficult to achieve a more accurate detection effect when the brightness of some brighter reflectors is higher. Therefore, the intensity of endoscope illumination should be selected according to the actual situation in order to get clear and useful results. In general, industrial endoscope has multi-level lighting adjustment function, some products will use software to control automatic dimming, which can adjust the lighting brightness according to the environment.
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